Fantastic 4 Mojave Desert Tour


Take a trip exploring the Fantastic 4 Mojave Desert!

Your adventure with Annie Bananie’s Wild West Tours will show you 4 landscapes in 1 desert. Come and experience the diversity of the desert in this one of a kind tour.We begin with photo stops at the outlook points of both the dam and the lake. Hoover Dam is one of the man-made​ engineering marvels of the world. Dedicated in 1935 and is the Western Hemisphere’s highest concrete dam. The dam controls floods, stores water, provides hydroelectric power generation, recreation, and a fish and wildlife habitat.Lake Mead(National Recreation Area), with its beautiful crystal blue waters, was created by Hoover Dam and is the 16th largest man-made lake in the world and the largest in the western hemisphere.We then take a leisurely scenic drive through beautiful
Red Rock Canyon, the beautiful canyon you see when flying into Las Vegas. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one of the hidden treasures of Nevada with its beautifully layered red sandstone mountains and unique rock formations.

Next is a drive through majestic Mount Charleston with photo stops along the way. Mount Charleston is the highest mountain of the Spring Mountains. It is 11,918 ft. high and 20-30 degrees cooler than Las Vegas. The mountain is covered with several species of pines, juniper and aspen groves. It is transformed into a winter wonderland when covered with snow.

Saving the best for last, tour through the Valley of Fire with various photo stops and the visitors center. The Valley of Fire is the “crown jewel” of Nevada’s state parks. In this unworldly place you will see Aztec formations in fire engine red with overwhelming valleys and gorges. These stunning formations were formed 150 million years ago. Ancient Indian petroglyphs, Elephant Rock and Seven Sisters are among the many sites you will see.

At the end of your tour, and a short restful drive, you will be back in your hotel in no time, basking in the memories of the Mojave Desert’s beauty and secrets.

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