Vegas Museums Tour


Enjoy a day away from the casinos for an infusion of history and culture during your Vegas vacation.

On this tour, you will visit three of the best museums Las Vegas has to offer! Visit The Clark County Museum – home of “Pawn Stars” expert Mark Hall-Patton, The Mob Museum, The Neon Museum OR The Las Vegas Museum of Natural History. This approximate 7 hour tour includes lunch at the historical downtown Fremont Street.

The city of Las Vegas undoubtedly has one of the most fascinating histories in all of the USA and you will learn all about it on this day tour. Upon pick-up from your hotel, you will head to The Clark County Museum. Located in Henderson, explore the Exhibit Hall of Las Vegas History and Heritage Street. Here, you can walk through 8 historic homes from the bygone era of Clark County. The museum also includes a vast outdoor area with a ghost town and old trains and an indoor exhibit showcasing a physical timeline of Nevada from ancient times to present. You can even visit the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, once at home on the Las Vegas Strip. This fascinating museum will make you feel as if you’ve been transported back in time. Next, you’ll visit the Mob Museum where you can learn about the more recent period in Las Vegas history. This truly amazing interactive attraction in downtown Las Vegas showcases the history of the Mob from the early days in Chicago to modern day counterfeiters. A huge array of memorabilia is on display here from the original Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre wall (complete with bullet holes) to the chair Albert Anastasia was assassinated in. Hear how notorious mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel built the Flamingo Hotel and how he paid the price for supposedly skimming the take! Here you’ll get an inside look at organized crime’s impact not only in Las Vegas, but its influence in America and the world.

PLEASE NOTE Seasonal changes are as follows:

Neon Museum operates between Sept 16th – May 14th
Between May 15th – Sept 15th, The Museum of Natural History will operate in place of The Neon Museum.

You’ll head to The Neon Museum and Bone Yard, an outdoor museum showcasing historic and iconic signs from Las Vegas’ storied past. The boneyard encompasses two acres with 120 signs from old casinos and other businesses. There is also a visitor’s center inside the rehabilitated La Concha Motel lobby, which was saved from demolition in 2005.


You’ll head to The Museum of Natural History where you’ll see everything from a real wooly mammoth tooth and a shark jaw bone to exhibits on just about every wild animal under the sun. If we listed and explained every animal in here, you’d be as old as the dinosaurs on display! They feature so much information and so many lifelike replicas of extinct and present day animals. Before you leave, make sure to check out “Treasures of Egypt,” a 4,000-square-foot exhibit displaying replica Egyptian artifacts; including King Tut’s golden throne, shrine and chariots. For your final stop, enjoy lunch as you gaze over a 90 foot canopy that stretches over 1,400 feet long, high over the legendary street where Las Vegas began, Fremont Street.

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